Do you know that you can often TRIPLE your social media reach with Glogou TWINS ?

Glogou TWINS enables you to reach social media in any country in any language effectively by automatically translating social media updates into any language and by synchronizing those updates with Weibo, Facebook and Twitter.

Why is TWINS a MUST Have if you are considering international marketing?

  • Twitter and Facebook are NOT accessible in China.
  • Social networks such as Weibo, the largest social network in China, play a very important role there and strongly influence many decisions.
  • Weibo has 500 million active users.
  • People prefer to read and engage with your business in their native languages

What problems do Glogou TWINS solve?

  • TWINS was originally designed to enable "Twitter Weibo Integration Services."
  • People in China prefer to read content in Chinese; content in English will drive most audiences away.

What are the key features of TWINS ?

  • Automatically sync between Twitter and Facebook and Weibo
  • Translate every tweet in English into Chinese
  • Support Twitter-to-Twitter multi-language auto re-tweet
  • Support Facebook-to-Facebook multi-language auto re-tweet
  • Support Facebook-to-Twitter multi-language auto re-tweet
  • Auto-translate Tweets and Facebook updates into 60 languages

Glogou provides additional services to help you reach international customers effectively:

One of our Weibo Customers: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Another Weibo Customer: Hobson University